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Tim Daniels Exhibition Journey
June 5 - 29, 2008; Opening with Tim June 5 7 - 9 pm.
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For the past eight years, Iíve had the opportunity to take extended driving and painting trips throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. The oil paintings in this exhibition are selected from these trips. Two of the paintings are from the Queen West area of Toronto where I live and work much of the time. They represent the place I miss when Iím away on these journeys.

While these paintings are based on photographs of real places, they are not factual representations of these places. Rather, they are paintings of memories and fleeting glimpses; observations made from a moving car traveling along interstate highways. The paintings from Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico are of places on what once was Route 66, the mythic highway of my youth. The Oklahoma paintings are on a stretch of that route that Native Americans refer to as ďThe Trail of TearsĒ, a reference to the forced- march relocation of tens of thousands of Cherokee from South Carolina to the harsh American prairie, an act that virtually exterminated an entire people. In these respects, the paintings do have a symbolic and emotional basis, but, they are equally about the act of painting itself.

Desert Tree Near Santa Fe by Time Daniels
Desert Tree Near Santa Fe
30 X 30 inches
Oil on Panel Sold Graphic

St Mathias Lane by Tim Daniels
St Mathias Lane
24 X 24 inches
Oil on Panel Sold Graphic

Oklahoma Evening # 3 by Tim Daniels
Oklahoma Evening # 3, 2008
Oil on panel
24 x 30 inches Sold Graphic

Oklahoma Sunset # 2 by Tim Daniels
Oklahoma Sunset # 2, 2008
Oil on panel Sold Graphic
30 x 30 inches

Hay Bales Amarillo Texas by Time Daniels
Hay Bales Amarillo Texas
30 X 36 inches
Oil on Panel

Hillside West of Guadalajara Mexico by Time Daniels
Hillside West of Guadalajara Mexico
30 X 40 inches
Oil on Panel

Trinity Bellwoods Market
24 X 20 inches
Oil on Panel

Oklahoma Evening # 4 by Tim Daniels
Oklahoma Evening # 4, 2008
Oil on panel
24 x 48 inches Sold Graphic


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