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Tim Daniels
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Tim Daniels in his studio
Tim Daniels in his studio

Blue Flowers in Late Afternoon Shadows 2 by Tim Daniels
Blue Flowers in Late Afternoon Shadows 2
2009, Acrylic on Panel
12 X 36 inches, 30 X 91 cm.

Yellow Car, Blue Car by Tim Daniels, Click for larger view
Yellow Car, Blue Car, San Francisco
11.5 X 12 inches, 29 X 30.5 cm
Oil on Panel

Napa Valley Trees by Tim Daniels
Napa Valley Trees
12 X 12 inches, 30.5 X 30.5 cm.
Oil on Panel

Rocky Hillside, Killarney by Tim daniels, Click for larger view
Rocky Hillside, Killarney
Oil on Panel
36 X 48 inches, 90 X 120 cm.


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Tim Daniels was born in 1948. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto. He studied art at The New School of Art in Toronto, Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and the Dundas Valley School of Art in Hamilton, Ontario.

“While I draw and paint things like flowers, sunlit hillsides or the roller coaster streets of San Francisco, the real subjects of my work are the elusive and transitory qualities of light and colour. While I work in a variety of media, pastel is my favourite. It allows me to engage and combine the mark-making, explorative nature of drawing with the chromatic possibilities associated with painting. Is pastel a delicate medium? Yes and no. It can be used in a delicate way but it is as permanent and durable as any other medium when properly mounted and displayed.

Artists respond to beauty, pain, drama, love, the act of painting itself. My work is an expression of the affection I feel for the people, places and things in my world. I think it shows.”

Pink Perfection Roses by Tim Daniels
Pink Perfection Roses
2009, Oil on Panel
18 X 24 inches, 45 X 60 cm.

Hydrangea in Shadow by Tim Daniels
Hydrangea in Shadow
14 X 11 inches, 36 X 28 cm
Oil on Panel

Hydrangea, Lavender by Tim Daniels
Hydrangea, Lavender
11 X 14 inches, 28 X 36 cm.
Oil on Panel

Autumn Afternoon. Killarney by Tim Daniels
Autumn Afternoon. Killarney
Oil on Panel
2``4 X 36 inches, 60 X 90 cm.


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